Spain’s National Treasures

Written By Margaux Cintrano

The Natural Treasure of La Cazorla, Jaen …

The castle of La Yedra sits at the foothills of the Cazorla National Park in the province of Jaen, Andalusia. The Hotel Parador Network is nestled in the heart of nature, a haven for those seeking serenity and the world of fauna and flora. The historic centre of this lively town is another reason to discover this rural paradise. This province is known for its olive oil and olives, its main products renowned throughout the world.

Ubeda’s Renaissance Delight …

Similar to waking up in Tuscany, Ubeda, Jaen,  a formidable 16th century palace, provides the accomodation of a 4 star Hotel also belonging to The Parador Network.  This palace was founded by Aberderraman II and the Renaissance town is surrounded by uncountable olive groves, where one can do an olive oil tasting or olive sampling on the turf where they are growing and harvested.

The Legacy of Jaen’s Capital City, Jaen …

This Parador Network Hotel, and fortress called Santa Catalina is perched up on the highest point of Jaen City. Functioning as a watchtower, the landscapes look out over the horizon of olive trees and lands beyond. A just before sunset stroll is one of most favorable moments to experience the palace facades of the city below and its Cathedral.

Combining the beauty of this region, highly recommended are the dinners in each of these three hotels which feature traditional evolutionary local cuisine


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