Keys to selecting the best Italian wine is on label

Whether you wish to have a Bianco o rosso, a white or red , knowing a few Italian words or Label Eno Italian will assist you in selecting the right wine for the right moment.

First, look at the label for the type of wine … Italian wines include the grape variety, for example … Pinot Grigio, which is has fruit aromas and an acidity … Pinot Blanco, a dry crisp white with a floral bouquet … Local Fruilano, is a dry white with an almond post gusto … Gavoi is a semi sweet fruity wine which pairs lovely with fish or desserts.

Reds include, Barolo, a noble and full bodied red that pairs well with a variety of steak varieties. Barbaresco is similar to Barolo and is lovely when oak aged.

Barbera is an antipasti friendly wine and is highly acidic. Dolcetto is a light bodied ruby colored dessert wine.

Additionally, the grape variety name is bestowed upon these bottlings by their producers. For example, DI or D’ indicatess where the wine is made. Barbera d’ Asti is from the appellation or designation of Asti, Piedmont, known for its reds.

Venezi Guilia and Veneto are highly prized for their whites and Prosecco. The words Denominazione di Origine translates to Denomination or Designation of Origin or Appellation.  DOC guarantees that the wine has gone through the Government’s Quality Certification.

Some suggestions include …

Biondi Santi … Brunello di Montalcino / Tuscany red

Roagna Barbaresco / Piedmont red

Cabernet Sauvignon Ca’ del Bosco / Lombardy red

Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Rustico NV Cantine Nino Franco / Sparkling white




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