The Slow Food Movement On Vancouver Island

By: Margaux Cintrano

Stunningly sited on the Pacific Ocean, I had encountered a splendid terrace with sunrise and sunset seascapes, a clapboard style five star inn hotel that is in the pulsing heart of the Canadian Slow Food Movement …

The Sooke Harbour House … Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Margaux: Why go ? Firstly, Vancouver Island is an awesome Pacific coast rugged landscape of heavy northern wood forests and icy lakes. However, the guests, owners and the Chef at Sooke are totally cutting edge when it comes to the culinary side of things … The Slow Food Movement.

Margaux: Best Room ? Number Five called the Kitchen Garden and it has a dream of a bathtub. Enjoy the views, they are unforgettable.

Margaux: The epicurean edibles ?  To start off with, the delectable sockeye salmon, trap caught to die for black cod, the crab and the gooseneck barnacles and other season marine life. On the turf side of the coin, the suckling kid which is raised locally and the chanterelles which are foraged in the nearby rainforest. The herbs are all grown on the premises.

Margaux: What to do at Sooke Harbour Hotel ?  The Spa for starters. Of course, if you up to par, take hiking boots and tacked the West Coast Trail or deep sea fishing and kayaking. Watching the whales or touring the national park are picture perfect spots.


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