Alphabetical Wine & Food Pairer, A to E

By: Margaux Cintrano

When my friends and family members have been faced with the challenge of creating a wine & food pair for guests and / or for their personal enjoyment, I have decided to provide them with my Sommelier´s Suggestions …

A is for Appetisers: Galician Albariños and Godello Grape Mono Varieties, Greek Santorini Assyrtiko Mon Varietals and Bouuzeron Burgundy French Aligoté Grape Monovarietals pair perfectly with almost all Hors d´oeuvres, however, hold the tomatoes as they are too acidic for white wines.

B is for Bistro Food: Beaujolais contains fruity exhuberance and pairs well with all kinds of Bistro, Bar, Tavern or Pub type food. Its fragrant bouquet and ripe mature fruit bring out the best in chicken stuffed with aromatic basil and crisp bacon or ham.

C is for country style hams and deli meats, which brings me to Chianti, a generous fruit and light tannin-ed wine, which cuts the saltiness of a country ham. It is down to earth style food, polenta, risotto for example that does not demand a Gran Reserva. A young Chianti shall work wonderfully with down to earth Italian cuisine.

D is for Deviled Prawns. Hailing from Napa Valley Duckhorn Vineyards is a Sauvignon Blanc with a citrusy bouquet, pairing perfectly with grilled prawns spiced with chili peppers, curry, BBQ, Mexican, Thai, Indian, and or dishes with lots of fresh garlic or Tabasco.

E is for Eggplant, often called Aubergine in Europe, is not an easy pairing experience. I have found that Oregon´s Eyrie Vineyards`produce a Chardonnay that is rich in perfume and a lovely compliment to roasted eggplant or fried eggplant. Barcelona Penedès designation Chardonnays could work too as well as Californian mono varietals from the same grape or Somonatano, Áragon Chards.



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