Perfect Wine Pairings Part 2: Letters F – J

I would love to hear from the Community of those who would enjoy sharing their wine pairings from around the globe …

By: Margaux Cintrano

Part 2 – Perfect Wine Pairings – Letters F to J …

F stands for Foie Gras, and Sherry, called Fino in Spanish, is phenomenal at cutting the richness of foie gras. In Spain, Lustau has been producing an ultra refined Sherry which pairs perfect with such rich dishes.

G, and Goat cheese deserve a southern Bordeaux White Graves which is a blend of grapes Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon. It is a dry white which has a lovely floral bouquet and a touch of oak which brings out the voluptuousness of the creaminess of Spanish, French and Greek goat cheese varieties.

H is for Hanger Steak with spice rubs, and they require an intense red wine from the Syrah grape which can standup to beef and well marbled steak flavored with herbs and spice rubs. I would suggest a Jean Louis Chave or a Guigal from France and / or a Spanish Ribera del Duero Crianza Oak Aged Red.

I is for Indian cuisine and Iron Horse Winery in California, produces a lovely Brut Rosé with a delicate apple finish which marries excellently with dishes that contain: Cilantro or Coriander, Cumin or Cinnamon. Rosés from Barcelona´s Penedès Region or Portugal shall work well too. Some may prefer a Sparkling Rosé Cava or Rosé Lambrusco from Italia.     

J for Jalepeño chili peppers, a mountainous French Jurancon dry white or rosé are refreshing and marry superbly with Jalepeños, stuffed or fried.


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