Wine Pairing Part 3 – Letters K, L, M, N and O

By: Margaux Cintrano.

Continued Part 3 .

K  is for extra dry Karakuchi Sake and when chilled it exhibits a very faint floral aroma and pairs lovely with sashimi, sushi, spicy fish recipes and shellfish.

Letter L, brings us to Lombardy, Italy where Lugana, a traditional dry white wine is lovingly produced and paired with white fish varieties and fish from Lake Garda. Two such wines are Visconti and Villa Giardi.

M is the letter for Mâcon, a French Chardonnay from this region´s  stony soil and its unique mineral flavor and aromas. M also stands for Malbec, which hails from Argentina and is one of my favourite new world wines possessing  a noble nose, velvety red color and pairs perfectly with seared on a flame rare steak.

The red Nebbiolo grape variety hails from Italy´s Piedmont region and is a full bodied red, perfect for lamb and / or chili con carne.

Ollauri is not a wine, it is a wine estate in La Rioja Alta, and Beronia de Ollauri and Otarra de Logroño both make plummy reds that love to marry tangy tapas such as olives, meat stews and a variety of cold cut deli meats.


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