Amalfi’s Enchanting Epicurism

By. Margaux Cintrano …

The gastronomy in the vicinity of Napoli is a feast of shellfish, seafood, freshly caught fish and macaroni. The regional local cuisine includes spaghetti with an array of fresh mollusks and linguini with Sea Urchin. The pastries are hard to say no to especially the Passolini, a baked raisin dessert with Napoli’s lemons, fruit pies and the almond biscotti.

Ravello is a gourmet traveller’s dream destination. Villa Barbaro is an out of the way tiny venue chockful of ceramics dotting the walls and a fireplace, always a nicety. The truffle ravioli served with wild mushrooms is unforgettable.

Positano’s Ristorante Buca di Bacco is a coastal side trattoria with a seafood and shellfish soup that shall enchant your palate.

A short walk from Buca di Bacco is Trattoria Praiano, which has splendid seaviews and is highly acclaimed for their prawns in lemon and Ensalada Caprese with fresh buffalo mozzarella.

Known for their heavenly pizzas is San Andrea in Amalfi. The pizzas here are to die for and come with a to z ingredients and the walls serve as a gallery of regional Italian artworks.

In Maiori, Ristorante La Vela, a side walk open air dining terrace just across from the sea, serves their memorable Ribbon pasta with tomato and Bolognese, which is just divine too.

The region known for their ambrosia of lemon fragrance and their lemons of course, has a bakery that one should not miss called Il Capitano in Positano. Their chocolate almond concoctions are to good to be true.

+++ Naples Airport …

The restaurants include, Buca di Bacco, Il Capitano, La Cambusa, La Vela, Open Gate, San Andrea and Villa Barbaro.


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