Chef Joan Roca ´s Interview

Chef Joan Roca´s  Interview

JOAN ROCA is a master at creative cuisine and togther with his two brothers, Pastry Chef Jordi and Sommelier Josep, they have developed a most extraordinaire Girona Capital dining experience.

Joan Roca, the executive head chef at Celler de Can Roca, belongs to the generation of entreprennurial and visionary high end chefs that have gradually been turning Girona into a global epicurean shrine. Awarded 2nd place in 2012, by London Restaurant Magazine and San Pellegrino; Roca runs his restaurant which is Michelin starred with his two younger brothers. Together the 3 Roca Brothers aim to create a unique gastronomic experience, The chef has long sought out an enormous variety of classic and vanguard cooking techniques and has a particular passion to explore the links between aromas, flavors and perfume, almost as if he was a sorcerer brewing ingredients for a spell.

Telephone: 34. 972 22 21 57

** For further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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