Uncork and Unwrap a Winter to Remember


Chef Joan Roca’s Jewels … By Margaux Cintrano

Can Suyer 46

Girona Capital

Reservations Highly Suggested. www.cellercanroca.com

Telephone.  34. 972. 222. 157

On a recent trip to the Girona Capital in northeastern Spain, I have had another journalist’s dream come true with the opportunity to interview Joan, his brothers, Jordi and Josep and dine at their beautiful stone manorhouse restaurant nestled amongst lush herbal botanical gardens. This is a restaurant in which one nourishes their soul and saturates their senses.  A visit to Restaurant El Celler Can Roca requires a willingness to suspend the antiquated notion that eating is a fundamental basic of life, something we do in order to survive.

This venue and its’ star Chef Joan Roca, and multilingual staff are going to provide you with one of the most memorable and intellectual dining experiences you have ever had on the Iberian Peninsula.


Margaux. Tell us, what and or who…

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